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Guiding Fathers and Strengthening Families Throughout Northeast Ohio

For The Past 12 Years, Passages, Inc. Has Been Inspiring Families To Live The Lives They Most Desire

Your donation will help Passages build families' financial stability, and to mend and heal broken families for a better community for us all. Thank you for your consideration!

Connecting Fathers and Families

Passages, Inc. is a faith-based, non-profit community organization dedicated to enriching the quality of life for children, fathers and mothers; Passages, Inc. strives each day to be the preeminent faith-based, non-profit community organization and provider of self-improvement resources that inspire and empower individuals to lead the lives they most desire; Our mission is to ensure that no child is without a nurturing, engaged and loving father and mother; and that each parent fully grasps that the most important thing they will ever accomplish in life is rearing a child who understands their relationship with the world and the fact that they have the ability to contribute in a positive way.
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